take nothing for granted. that is good advice because in a moment what we cherish can be gone. Yet we all do it if we are not careful to treasure all we have been given. and we tend to take the most important things for granted our family. our friends our jobs our health even our God. Yet our God that we take for granted is the giver of every good and perfect gift of this life. So Lord we ask you to help us be thankful for every gift. to celebrate the joys of this life that come from you and to look forward to the joys of heaven which you are preparing for us. And Lord help us tell the ones we love every day that we love them for in a moment they could be gone. Our lives are in your hands and the lives of all we love are in your hands and only you know when you will call us home so help us take nothing for granted and to be thankful every day and to express it in our words and our actions Amen !

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