The Art of Aging

Old things we like to call them antiques have their own beauty.

we treasure them but we forget their beauty is made by scars.

our lives are like that they have scars but we do not always see the beauty created by our scars.

Maybe it will help if we remember our Savior and that His scars give us life.


Online Dating: Part 1

The Blithe Bachelorette

It’s been a hot minute since I posted, and I didn’t really know if I ever would again. But I’ve been trying out dating on a free online dating site recently, and I thought I’d share some of my advice (Part 1) and experiences (Part 2).

The Blithe Bachelorette’s guide to online dating

1. Make sure you are the only human in your photos. If you are with another person of the same sex, we don’t know which one is you; if you are with a person of the opposite sex we don’t know if you are a player. If you are with a child or infant, we don’t know if he/she is yours. Pets and aliens are okay in pics.

2. No shirtless (or nearly shirtless) selfies. We don’t want you for your body. Yet. Wait until the wedding night for that.

3. Selfies should be taken…

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Why ?

Why is my heart so heavy at this season of joy ? This is the first year I have felt this way. Even the year I spent in the hospital including Christmas with surgery on Christmas eve was not this sad.  It is not because I am not blessed. I have a wonderful husband lots of friends and much more. So I rejoice that you came for the lonely ,the brokenhearted  the sad.’ You came for those in need knowing that was all of us’. Thank you for being with us when we are sad letting us know you love us. We are not alone. Being our light when we have lost our way, You carry us on your shoulders or in your arms when we have no strength for the journey. Why am I sad because I am broken, our world is broken, and I cannot fix it.  BUt you LOrd  redeem it and one day you will make all things new. Joy to the World the Lord has come.

take nothing for granted. that is good advice because in a moment what we cherish can be gone. Yet we all do it if we are not careful to treasure all we have been given. and we tend to take the most important things for granted our family. our friends our jobs our health even our God. Yet our God that we take for granted is the giver of every good and perfect gift of this life. So Lord we ask you to help us be thankful for every gift. to celebrate the joys of this life that come from you and to look forward to the joys of heaven which you are preparing for us. And Lord help us tell the ones we love every day that we love them for in a moment they could be gone. Our lives are in your hands and the lives of all we love are in your hands and only you know when you will call us home so help us take nothing for granted and to be thankful every day and to express it in our words and our actions Amen !

not my words but my testamoney ( can’t spell today . “God forgave my sins in Jesus name. I been born again in Jesus name ,and in Jesus name I come to you to share his love as he told me too. He said freely freely you have received freely freely give . So In Jesus name I come to you to share his love as he told me to. ”

When life presses hard on me Lord. draw me closer still. You who still the storms of Galilee. still the storms in me. I do not have to be afraid because you are with me. and you have promise never to leave me alone and to give me perfect peace.

just lost a post will try again

light of the world.
Jesus you are the light of the world . you came and helped me see your beauty and caused my heart to adore you . I look forward to spending my life with you here and then in heaven forever. But for now I live in a dark world that grows darker still. But your word gives us light so help me/us understand what I read and help me to obey out of love for you and for those who are still lost in darkness. You Lord helped my heart adore you so you can help me obey with joy and rejoice in you, even in this dark world. Let my light shine so that they may see and praise you ! You are my light ! you are the light of the world. thank you for coming into the world so we could see.
* this is a reflection on one of my favorite songs light of the world not sure of author.

Lord, thank you for taking on a fragile body and dying for us. Thank you for living in us when we invite you in or say yes to your invitation to be your child.  Thank you !. thank you for being a good father, a best friend, our Savior , provider of everything we need. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives in our fragile bodies  and helps understand your ways and follow you. We are weak but you are strong .Be strong in us. Your grace is enough . your strength is made perfect in our weakness. I don’t understand ,but I trust you .


 Light of the world ! that is what you are ! you stepped into my dark world and helped me see. you did this through your word as the spirit gave me understanding . Now I come again asking for light for more understanding because this world grows darker still. I know you will answer because you promise that if we ask for wisdom/understanding you will give it. but you will have to help me believe because this world causes us to doubt. But you have promised us your help .thank you for being our helper shepherd guide. thank you for “opening my eyes helping me see your beauty and causing my heart to adore you. “I look forward to spending forever with you and others who love you ! home at last where you are also the light !