Why ?

Why is my heart so heavy at this season of joy ? This is the first year I have felt this way. Even the year I spent in the hospital including Christmas with surgery on Christmas eve was not this sad.  It is not because I am not blessed. I have a wonderful husband lots of friends and much more. So I rejoice that you came for the lonely ,the brokenhearted  the sad.’ You came for those in need knowing that was all of us’. Thank you for being with us when we are sad letting us know you love us. We are not alone. Being our light when we have lost our way, You carry us on your shoulders or in your arms when we have no strength for the journey. Why am I sad because I am broken, our world is broken, and I cannot fix it.  BUt you LOrd  redeem it and one day you will make all things new. Joy to the World the Lord has come.

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