Lord, thank you for taking on a fragile body and dying for us. Thank you for living in us when we invite you in or say yes to your invitation to be your child.  Thank you !. thank you for being a good father, a best friend, our Savior , provider of everything we need. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives in our fragile bodies  and helps understand your ways and follow you. We are weak but you are strong .Be strong in us. Your grace is enough . your strength is made perfect in our weakness. I don’t understand ,but I trust you .


 Light of the world ! that is what you are ! you stepped into my dark world and helped me see. you did this through your word as the spirit gave me understanding . Now I come again asking for light for more understanding because this world grows darker still. I know you will answer because you promise that if we ask for wisdom/understanding you will give it. but you will have to help me believe because this world causes us to doubt. But you have promised us your help .thank you for being our helper shepherd guide. thank you for “opening my eyes helping me see your beauty and causing my heart to adore you. “I look forward to spending forever with you and others who love you ! home at last where you are also the light !

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